For forty years my professional life was anchored in Baltimore. An initial stint as an art teacher at two schools led to a variety of administrative roles including Middle School Director, Admission Director, Lower School Principal, and Associate Head of School.  As fulfilling as I found my work in education, I welcomed the chance to begin a new chapter and to devote myself once again to the arts. With our three children launched, my husband and I moved to the tiny lobstering village of New Harbor in midcoast Maine.

In this stage, I am focusing on art made with fabric -- colors and patterns that brighten and enliven the spaces we share with our families and friends.

I am drawn to fabrics that are playful, beautiful, and saturated with color. Each piece I create is thoughtfully designed and meticulously constructed. In uncertain times, we may regain our balance by focusing on our basic needs: a well-cooked meal, a spin around the kitchen table with the music turned up, or a quiet conversation cushioned with a cozy pillow.

My hope is to brighten our lives with color and pattern and to help us discover the beauty and joy within our daily routines.


I drew inspiration for the name of this site from the bowerbird, a fascinating creature found in Australia and New Guinea, whose mating habits include the creation of a home constructed from twigs and grasses and decorated with colorful bits and bobs - found objects artfully arranged, often by hue, in an effort to garner the attention of a mate. It turns out that we humans are not the only species who curate our living spaces with colors and shapes in an effort to bring joy and love into our lives.